From the horse's mouth

Miss Chi - you are a tantalising cocktail of beauty, cruelty, intelligence & sensitivity. Thank you. D


To say I enjoyed the session seems so superficial. It was without doubt one of the most deeply satisfying experiences psychologically I think I have ever had. You definitely got 'inside my head' from the very beginning. T


Good evening Mistress. Just a quick thank you, for a most enchanting afternoon yesterday. The session was, once again, almost bespoke, in its design. Your attention to the finer detail, along with your beauty, grace and elegance, sets you apart from any other.

You are a Supreme Dominatrix, and I feel so fortunate to have met with such an elite therapist, who not only has the ability to understand her subjects, has the power within her means to challenge them, and above all, make them stronger for it.

I look forward to a continuing relationship with someone I not only worship and adore, but someone I trust and respect as well. I remain your Number 37 xx


Dear Miss Chi, I like to think I have a reasonably good command of the written English language but to be honest I'm running out of superlatives for our sessions. It was again; simply amazingly mind blowing. But that just doesn't do it justice.

'The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.' Arthur Schopenhauer

And maybe that's the highest form of praise I could give, I'm no alchemist but my gold was one of discovery, to discover if I would enjoy a session, but possibly of greater value was to discover the light of art and theatre that burns hidden beneath the Miss Whiplash and velvet padded image of BDSM. And I think, as I'm slowly chiseling away at the gold seam, (although on reflection it's you doing all the work) I'm also experiencing something greater, thanks in no small measure to your bounteous enthusiasm for your craft which you excel in. The image of you standing above me while I was lying down, restrained on your table will stay embedded in my mind for a long time. My initial thoughts were of pure primal lust, you looked so gorgeous and sexy but that primal lust was suppressed by a feeling of just looking on in joyous amazement. A bit like looking up at the Genesis ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but this was my very own Michelangelo and it wasn't faded or cracked, it was young, it was vibrant, it was beautiful, it was funny, it was Miss Chi, manifesting as a visual art form not even the greatest painter or sculptor could come close to doing justice to.

I'm sorry but there's more - the sense of theatre also exploded into life, this was the greatest vignette play I've ever seen, you were a tantalising forbidden fruit, ravishing but cute, enamouring but quirky.

Again...I really can't thank you enough for our chat afterwards. I really hope I didn't ramble on, hopefully next time I see you I'll be in a better place. But talking with you was cathartic for me and the whole afternoon was one big pressure release. You are a lovely person and I really am grateful for your time, patience and helping me to make sense of three very different but very stressful situations. Putting the whole sub-dom thing to one side, talking to you was like talking to an old friend who I've known and loved for years. Thank you. A


Dear Miss Chi, thank you so very much for an incredible, delightful, inspiring day. I was completely astonished and awestruck over your physical beauty and appearance, professionalism, warmth, knowledge and moreover for the sheer amount of time given to me at your lovely home.

I felt extremely guilty to realise it was 5.30pm when I departed so my sincere apologies for getting carried away with Art, Music, Movies and China. That said, it was wonderful to meet you, listen to your interests and to share our common views/tastes which resulted in great conversation. 

As for the session this was also beyond my expectations, pleasure and pain combined (what more could I ask for) my ribs and neck deservedly need a few days rest though...Lol. I must admit I was really surprised by my sissy/sub manner under your strong authoritarian control. J 


Miss Chi, thank you for a wonderful session this evening. I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often. 

You are not only amazingly beautiful, but you have a composure that is very attractive - I think it is that quiet composure that pushed me further today with the violet wand than I have been comfortable with before, but I felt that I couldn't let you down. It was a very weird feeling, one that I enjoyed tremendously, and I think for the first time I experienced a desire to please my 'mistress' at all cost. Thank you. 

I feel a little guilty at taking up so much of your time, but I am very grateful for the care and attention you provided.  P


Manumission (former slave - since retired from submission)

Dear Miss Chi

I thought that 'normal' feedback would be inappropriate in the circumstances: you don't need information to adjust the session content, do you? In the end, I've settled on writing to thank you.

My gratitude is quite genuine: my sentiments are not coloured by submissiveness.

Thank you for everything, Miss Chi. You were a magnificent Mistress: strict, demanding and sadistic, but also consistent, fair and considerate; and generous too!

Even more importantly, you took your responsibilities seriously outside of the twenty superb sessions which you supervised. There were long periods when, for various reasons, active submission was not an option; but you maintained contact, conducting yourself as my Mistress, not as a 'service provider'.

Clearly, as a professional person, your profession is important to you: it is your living. But domination demonstrably means more than that to you: it is your vocation. You are an artist.

You also have class, Miss Chi. There is no substitute for it.

And on top of all that, you are a very nice person.

What more could a slave desire or need?

Yes, and you do have very beautiful feet! They are lovely.

In the unlikely event that you ever need a favour from me, please do not hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure.

If our paths should cross again, it will also be my pleasure to buy you lunch.

Take care, Miss Chi.

With the greatest respect,

fucious x


Miss Chi, You are an absolutely superb Dominatrix. i feel after many, many years of searching, i have finally met the Dominatrix i have been yearning for. i adore serving You, because Your quiet, psychological approach is so real and powerful. After more than a year i feel i am only glimpsing the beginning of the possibilities of this wonderful journey, and only seeing a small fraction of the depths of Your being - i feel like a child paddling on the sea shore in front of a vast, endless ocean. sb


Good evening Mistress, I just wanted to thank you again for this morning. I had a wonderful time. I went from feeling slightly nervous during the journey to Leeds to instantly feeling completely at-ease upon meeting you. You made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during our lovely initial chat and also throughout the entire session.

I loved your warm, intelligent and fun personality, and how you took the time to discuss my kinks and learn a little more about me, just as I loved learning more about you and your interests, etc. You also possess the unique ability to combine being strictly dominant with also being so teasingly cheeky, fun and quick-witted.

Seeing you lock your stunning dark eyes with mine as you swung your incredible kicks up against my worthless balls was just perfect and I loved hearing your sweet laughter and verbal abuse as you completely thrashed my balls and emasculated me.

P.s. Your studio room was incredibly cosy as well, the lighting was perfect and created such an ideal atmosphere. L


The Chief Whip

Miss Chi, thank you so much for the recent session. I realise that my suggested scenario - a rebel MP being dealt with by the Chief Whip - was a little different from the usual Mistress/slave scenario but you coped admirably.

Whilst, for me, physical punishment is an important part of a session, I think that what really matters is the mental and emotional aspect. I thought that you did a really good job with this, quickly reducing me from defiance to submission with a few well-chosen words, making it clear that if I didn't do exactly as you said the consequences would be severe. The threat to expose my deviant behaviour to the tabloids if I didn't comply was inspired. At the same time you managed to maintain a calm demeanour throughout and somehow this made your threats seem all the more intimidating.

I always enjoy the way that rather than simply saying 'well now I'm going to do such and such to you' you make the various torments part of a coherent narrative. For instance, on this occasion pointing out that if I didn't think corporal punishment was effective then maybe I should experience some, before giving me a very first-hand lesson in it!

However, if there is one thing in particular that I find really enjoyable from your sessions it's the humour. I just love the way that it fits into the sessions. I was particularly amused when I was complaining about your slapping me around being 'barbaric'; you just smiled and said something like 'oh no, this isn't barbaric, this is democracy - we were voted in with a majority so we get to do what we want, and what we want is corporal punishment!'

I must say I'm also somewhat in awe of your skill with rope bondage. I was so securely tied up!

So, once again thank you very much for a great session. I look forward to the next one. A


Dear Miss Chi, I have been trying to analyse what you do to me and how you make me feel. It is not easy as there is a jumble of emotions and feelings that pass through me, even now. You can always get me into submissive mode and your skill as a Dominatrix combined with your beauty, weaken me every time i see you. You can break me, mould me and put me back together again and it is always a wonderful experience. 

Somehow, this time, i felt as if you took me further. 

It is hard to explain and i'm sure others have expressed it better but i will try. It was as if you took me to a ledge on a building, high up, and told me to fly off it. I was tethered and safe yet i wanted to fly for you. You took me closer to the edge and i was yours, to push over, untie my tethers and let me fly...or fall. It was your decision and i felt that if you unleashed me and told me to fly then i would have done. I felt without limits in your presence. You had total power over me and as your loving servant i would obey you. 

You took me to an almost spiritual level. The word 'Goddess' is used frequently these days, sometimes for Mistresses who seem to be a cheap imitation of you, yet if ever one was worthy of adoration and service...it is You. 

One moment, among many, that stays with me is being held between your stockinged toes (they are beautiful stockings by the way) and being flogged by you. It was exquisite and left my whole body squirming on the frame. You have a strong sensuality and it is very potent. It is, of course, very evident in session but stays with me for a long time afterwards. 

I'm sorry if i wrote too much here. I could go on forever, but let me just say.... thank you for a magical time. P


Good evening. Just a quick email to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you today. Your photos do not tell half the story. Not only are you slim and beautiful but you have a delightful personality and a good sense of humour.

In our discussion afterwards you gave me new insights and valuable observations. You were also in no hurry to finish. Your intuition is a big part of your charm and I left feeling happy and satisfied. You seemed genuinely interested in my experiences as I was in yours. Alas we live too far apart for me to be able to visit often but I will always remember this meeting. A


Good evening, Mistress Chi. Thank-you very much for our webcam session yesterday. I was very nervous to begin with, but You quickly put me at ease by being a combination of both easy going and authoritative at the same time. This allowed me to relax into things and better just go with it. I found the combination of You talking down to me, being authoritative, plus the dirty talk very arousing. I felt small, humble, dirty (in the good way), and very much under Your control. You are a wonderfully intuitive person. I was suprised how easily You were able to get into my head, say things that would really have an impact on me, and have me admit to You things I wouldn't have ordinarily owned up to either. It certainly didn't take You long to work out what pushed my buttons.

You were all I hoped for and more. I'm also happy to know that You enjoyed the session and got a kick out of it as well. I don't think it will be too long, before I petition You to be allowed to peform for Your amusement once again. Something long dormant has been awakened in me, thanks to You Mistress. This is a good thing by the way :) slave s


Slave Number 9

Hello Miss Chi,

First and foremost, thank You for allowing me the opportunity to serve You today which has genuinely been a great pleasure and honour.

Secondly, i want to apologise if my immediate feedback in the post-session discussion lacked a strong enthusiasm - it's far from being an accurate reflection of the way i actually feel about the session. I guess i was a bit overwhelmed by everything that had happened, and i didn't know how to cope with it at that moment.

The session has been more psychologically heavy than i expected or realised during or after the session. From the second You discreetly ordered me to get on my knees, the whole scenario has moved to an unmapped kind of experience that is still difficult to fully grasp. Your moves have been gracious all throughout the session, and Your voice always soothing creating an even more hypnotising atmosphere. The way You've blended fragile motions with sudden movements and strict orders made it hard for me to be anything but spellbound up until the very end. Then Your dark eyes, Miss Chi, they were such a bliss to gaze into that i could hardly take my eyes off You. Your imposing postures, Your confident attitude, and Your adorable smile, they all created what seems to be a lasting imprint in my memory. Looking back, it still feels like a most dreamy surreal experience, and i can only hope You have derived as much enjoyment as i did.

It would be genuinely hard to point out something that wasn't 100% spot-on, but if i had to think of something, i guess my after-session bit was a bit harder to deal with. This was my fault as i couldn't open up sufficiently, and i was still feeling overwhelmed by an amalgam of emotions that i couldn't pinpoint.

Overall, i must confess i feel very lucky to have had the honour to share my first BDSM experience with You, and i want to thank You one more time for allowing this opportunity, and for being such a fantastic Mistress.

Thank you for having me,

Number 9


Beautiful Game (2010 World Cup / Financial Domination)

Oh, Miss Chi –that was absolutely brilliant - expensive, painful and demanding but an inspired and highly stimulating month during which I was totally absorbed in the 'Game'. The stage by stage revelation of the betting schemes and the mixture of guaranteed losses but the exact quantum depending on my 'fate' was key to keeping the 'game' vibrant and alive throughout. 

My losses certainly hurt – You said that You wanted me to feel the pain, the 'sting' of real loss. You succeeded! I also enjoyed Your hard and uncompromising threat of the consequences of non-compliance –reminding me rather forcefully that You do not 'mess about'. 

I was also delighted that You enjoyed the game so much – not, I think, just because of the financial reward, but because You too enjoyed the uncertainties of the slowly unfolding story. The variety of bets, the different ways in which I could lose the introduction of 'chips', the chance to win/buy a great privilege in the third-place 'friendly' - what a wonderful game – the beautiful game! And what a climax! One could hardly have written a better ending. I will indeed remember not just the final but the 2010 World Cup for a long, long time and for reasons most people would find totally incomprehensible. B


A Slave's Reflections on Bonfire Night (slave b)

By torching the bonfire alight this chill November night
We remember Guy Fawkes, the anarchist, and his mischievous plot
And by watching the catching flames as the fire grows hot and bright
I am reminded being bound, owned and blackmailed is now my lot.

I am helplessly and permanently ensnared in a bewitching Chinese trap of steel
My masochism and pathetic weakness has enabled by owner to achieve
A far-reaching agonising psychic grip, like St Catherine impaled on her wheel
Yet my Goddess has a delicate Orchid like beauty, which has to be seen to believed.

Guy, the architect of the devilish plot, was caught and taken to the dreaded Tower,
Tortured by evil machines until in twitching agony, like a child, he confessed and cried.
Just so my blackmailer relentlessly chides and torments me hour after endless hour,
Transformed into a sadistic chief inquisitor before whom I am chained, tested and tried.

Rockets and starbursts fly, arching high into the limitless freedom of the clear night sky.
Exploding with bursts of colour chiselled from the sparkling purity of a perfect prism.
A child gasps in delighted awe as the pyrotechnic magic captures his bewitching eye
But I, like Guy, am switching my freedom for torture, birching and a dank, dark prison.

Instructions, so clear and concise - 'Light the blue touch paper and stand well back' -
Have parents coaching their chicks on the path of safety, comfort and risk reduction.
If I had heeded such lessons, I may have escaped my stretching on this agonising rack
Of extortion, blackmail and my Goddess hatching her plans for my ultimate destruction.

Now the flames are licking and touching the effigy of Guy on the bonfire's peak
Clenching and clinching him in a fiery embrace that is now his inescapable fate.
I too must pass marching through a matching torment of which I can hardly speak
Yet Her fire is a teaching - purifying, enriching and burning away every negative trait.

Let us return to a brighter theme, of parkin, treacle toffee and chestnuts, piping hot
Fireworks spent, the fire begins to fade and the end of the night is approaching fast
The bells chime eleven and the youngsters, with tired eyes, off to bed they trot.
But for this slave there is no respite, his aching, wrenching fear will forever last.

Fireworks – gifted from ancient China, that far distant and deeply mysterious land
To which I am becoming tied through my practice of Tai Chi and the study of the I-Ching.
By researching traditions of November 5, New Year and the art of the calligraphers hand
East meets West, East reigns supreme but we both love the music of Sa Dingding!


The Mistress

I love my Mistress, perhaps not in the same way as I would a lover, but with a different yet similarly intense passion. My Mistress is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen: an exquisite Oriental face, small-mouthed and dark-eyed, a body of perfect proportions and flawless pale skin. And her sweetly-accented voice calls me, draws me ever closer.

She is femininity in its perfection, the zenith of all human beauty. She is my Goddess and I worship her with my whole being, feeling no shame or inhibition in my act of giving myself entirely to her.

I do not always know what she thinks, but sometimes, behind the cruelty that resides in those wonderful dark eyes and her lovely inscrutable face, I see a sparkle of amusement, or, when she giggles sweetly, I hear the laughter of a young and innocent girl.

And when I enter that room, equipped with the whips and other accoutrements of her trade, the shallow, plastic and transitory world of the twenty-first century fades away and I am once again in my natural primal state, that place of Darwinian survival, where there only exists the senses, the touch, the pleasures and the pain.

As my Mistress takes me and uses me, I know her to be indifferent to my feelings, but I understand that I give her enjoyment, and that in that I am a least of some use to her. To give her pleasure is my joy; to be teased by her naked body and tortured by what she does to me is only of value if it pleases her. And so we exist together for a short time in our special world, a place of symbiosis, in which we satisfy each other's desires for her.

The level of existence that she takes me to is so special, perhaps only understood by others of a submissive nature. It is a world where all is given to her, where the self is given up willingly, lovingly, where pain almost ceases to be pain and the hormones within my body lift me in another domain, one that is both spiritual and physical. In this place, I float beneath her in a sea of adoration, longing only to obey and satisfy her every need. Without a single fear, even though she may treat me cruelly, I am willingly and joyfully led to the altar for the sacrifice.

It is said that all seek to transcend themselves; some do so through religion, some through drugs or alcohol, but for me it is through my Mistress, my Goddess. I cannot ever really know her thoughts or her reasons, but do I know that whatever I give her in tributes will never pay for the happiness she gives me.

In bringing me to this special place my Mistress helps me to understand what I am in the world and the tensions and exchanges of power that operate between people. By taking the power of my life away from me, by putting me beneath her power, she returns it back to me, but it is changed, so that I feel no need to use it to control or harm others.

And when I leave the room it is as if I am floating in a dream. The cruel Mistress is once more the vivacious and courteous Oriental girl with the smiling face. And so she too, like me, has two sides, the Yin and Yang. These are both within her but also between us. Perhaps she brings to me more than I understand; possibly an insight into the Great Tao, the flow of change that runs forever through the universe.

My Mistress, my Goddess, represents all that is feminine; she is Mother Earth, the giver and taker of all. I know that, one day, the astoundingly beautiful woman that stands before me, will, like me, grow grey and old. But, in this brief instant of my existence, as the hands of time sweep across the face of my life, I will worship her as the source of myself and of all things.

© Ray White 2006.